Unique Art Condoms

 en A B I E R T O  Theredoom

Colección 36

July 2018

Why paint a condom wrapper? Usually it is a product to use and throw away, an ephemeral souvenir that reminds us of a space of time dedicated to pleasure, seasoned with many other feelings: true love, affection, passion, selfishness, lust, guilt ... that is thrown to Trash as soon as possible, as if burning in the hand, once the sexual act is over. In UNICON • UNIQUE ART CONDOMS that collection of emotions remains anchored to the piece of plastic that surrounds the condom and represents all those nights that we have enjoyed and that we want to keep in memory. Nights that perhaps were not to be used and thrown away ... or yes, but in which they set special moments that we do not want to forget.


UNICON • UNIQUE ART CONDOMS was born from an idea of ​​Andrea Perissinotto, Italian artist and curator, who in 2013 gave life to this project and now, five years later, has the pleasure of presenting the "Collection 36", in which many other artists , with great ingenuity and imagination, these small elements extol the art work, returning to the audience attending the exhibition their most secret emotions, linking the excitement of the sexual act with their imagination and inventiveness ...