S A R I   T E R V A N I E M I


Sari Tervaniemi lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She makes cinematic and photographic artworks. The main themes are power questions, violence against children and critical observations on media images as well as social and environmental concerns in the western societies.


There are different kinds of violence: for example physical, psychological, institutional and structural violence. The Crashed (photographs), Memento Mori (photographs) and Danger (photographs and a video) comment the instructional violence in urban environments where the cars or the drivers rule over the pedestrians. The traffic causes the most of early deaths but it is seen as a natural part of city structure. Protagonists of the works feel fear and desire for cars. Videos and photographs of About Darkness and Breakable Child tell about violence against children. Breakable Child works are based on material either heard or read in newspapers and in research papers. The images are constructed after the facts of true stories. The works are about angst and sadness, children surviving alone in the cities. In video works Dizzy and Endurance as well as in Nature photographs Tervaniemi looks critically contemporary life styles. Characters appear in darkly comic situations. Urban cityscapes and national landscapes play an important role by creating a state of mind for the adventures of contemporary ‘heroes’. 



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Shape, Wind and Words

15 November 2014 - 17 January 2015





Yolanda Relinque, Elisa Terroba y Sari Tervaniemi presentan 'Shape, Wind and Words' en la Galería Theredoom, by Amalia García Rubí

January 2015

Lit Ar Co


La forma, el viento y las palabras... by Raquel Moraleja

December 2014

Oficina de Ideas Libres


Poesía visual y objetual en Theredoom Madrid

November 2014