J A I M E   S Á N C H E Z


Jaime Sánchez Alonso (Valencia, 1955) studied at the School of Arts and Crafts ‘Marqués de Cubas’ (Madrid) and the Fine Arts School of San Fernando (Madrid). From 1973 his work has been exhibited in a large number of art centres and galleries of Spain and Europe. In 2001 he won the “Caja Castilla La Mancha Contest” First Prize. He is currently Director of ALBÍN, Drawing and Painting Studio Art in Madrid.


Jaime Sánchez considers himself as a painter “engendered” in Postmodernity, a moment in which most part of intellectual activity (as painting is) undoubtedly leads to a permanent questioning of what is understood as beautiful, good, true. The hackneyed “crisis of avant-gardes” and its final discredit caused by Pop Art emergence, let to undefined trends as German Neo-expressionism, Italian Transavantgarde or English New Figuration in mid-1970s. They were all movements that influenced 1980s Spanish generation, where a still young Jaime Sánchez belonged. Going back to painting after conceptual fever, it is taken a general open attitude towards art. Almost anything is worth for some, even if others have to keep on quality and aesthetic identity minimal guarantees.


Since the 1980s until now, Jaime Sánchez’s creative evolution has been broadly characterized by the apparent lack of connection in his artistic work. Often disturbing and uncertain, this solitary painter career has always depend on an amazing versatility, an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and, most of all, an intense capacity to "leapfrogging" stages without losing the essence of his own course, on which omnipresent stands both his will to power and his human being vulnerability. We are facing a painter that understands artwork as open to the observer and, at the same time, as an external expression of his inner self.



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El ser y la nada

Curator: Amalia García Rubí


5 February - 26 March 2015



La Vanguardia


Jaime Sánchez, la pintura, by Tomás Paredes

February 2015



El ser y la nada. Pinturas de Jaime Sánchez en la Galería Theredoom,

by Amalia García Rubí

February 2015