INCUBUS: Entre el sueño y la vigilia

This project is based on a neurological sleep disorder known as Sleep Paralysis, which responds to a definite dynamic and symptomatology that lies on the border between sleep and wakefulness, causing great suffering to those who suffer from it. Sleep paralysis consists of an inability to perform voluntary muscle movements during sleep or wake up. The person is aware of himself and his environment, but feels paralyzed, generating in most cases hypnagogic hallucinations. These hallucinations have been represented over the years responding to schemes that respond to an almost identical imaginary over the centuries. This work has a certain autobiographical character, given that it has been lived and suffered from the first person, which led to trying to collect and record this type of experience both in writing and through sketches over three years in a small notebook. The habit of taking notes was acquired, notes explaining the experiences lived along with quick sketches made by hand of the vision obtained in hallucinations. All this material taken in the minutes after these experiences, was the starting point for this final work that involves great elaboration. The main objective of the project is to link this disorder with the artistic by means of photography in two complementary directions: on the one hand the pinhole image, which refers us to the beginnings of photography and that by its basic characteristics produces an image with dreamlike qualities ; and on the other hand, the digital image, showing in detail many of the sensations. Through these two paths it has been proposed to represent images that emerge from various testimonies both in the first person and from other anonymous patients with the aim of discovering a new visual world that represents real and terrifying hallucinations, recreating in the viewer the same sensations and feelings that people who suffer, creating an artistic manifesto through photography.