D A V I D   D E   L A   R Ú A


David Rodríguez de la Rúa was born in Madrid in 1973. Self-taught painter, from the beginning he announced a strong artistic personality that evolved over the years. De la Rúa is presented as an artist who still considers himself free from actual market’s pressure. That is why his work represents his own personal vision, cut off from the mercantilism and willingness.


Although he paints since childhood, his career as a professional artist began in 2002, just when he felt the necessity of “telling something” through painting. As he was growing as a painter so did his work’s size, now frequently large formats. Since 2003 he stands out in numerous painting awards, but is not until 2006 that he wins the medal of honor in prestigious BMW painting award with his work “Mar Rothko” (Rothko Sea), based on the North American artist’s influence and expression. We can also highlight the series “Postales desde la Habana” (Postcards from Havana), that has been recognised by awards such as Rafael Botí and, even in 2010, with a new medal in BMW Painting award. Lately he showed in Madrid “Sky Knife” series, a subtle metaphor of nature being subjugated by modern human being.


On his last series, exhibited in THEREDOOM Gallery of Madrid under the title of “Redes Sociales” (Social Networks), he surprises us with a leap from an abstract figuration to an almost total abstraction. This way he continues exploring new languages of expression increasingly closer to an originally own style, but also created from an excellent technical execution.



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Redes Sociales

23 mayo - 23 julio 2015



Capital ARTE


David de la Rúa. Redes Sociales. El pintor madrileño nos transporta a un metafórico mundo que viaja entre lo onírico y lo real

Julio 2015



Pinturas de David de la Rúa y vídeos de Håkan Dahlström en la Galería Theredoom, por Amalia García Rubí

Mayo 2015