Y O L A N D A   R E L I N Q U E


I understand my work as a growing and shifting organism. I do not want to limit but to experiment, learn and continue exploring on my expressive and creative language to mainly make it emotionally honest and suitable to let me live other possible worlds.  From an artistic point of view, I find myself in a time for introspection, linked to the emotional and the search of a balance space. I look into uninhabited and abandoned places to transform reality; moreover, I make up for the time through extraordinary anonymous lives as a kind of tribute, as I am interested in life remains and the passage through this world. I am also immersed in the verses I receive and poetry.


Textile sculpture, poetic-artistic installation, drawing linked to space or ephemeral drawings photographs that I afterwards include on my works. The working process better gives questions than answers. It always looks for pulsation.


From the beginning I need to talk about everything related to human being, time, evolution and the possibility of a non-finished being, in the sense of a universal woman and man; how to build oneself after destruction and chaos. How to create the future or look ahead. At this time, emotions are the alchemy of my work. I try to find out what makes us to be what we are. To die and come to life again.



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9 february - 18 march 2017

Shape, Wind and Words

15 November 2014 - 17 January 2015





Yolanda Relinque, respirar a pulmón, by Amalia García Rubí

February 2017



Yolanda Relinque, Elisa Terroba y Sari Tervaniemi presentan 'Shape, Wind and Words en la Galería Theredoom, by Amalia García Rubí

January 2015

Lit Ar Co


La forma, el viento y las palabras... by Raquel Moraleja

December 2014

Oficina de Ideas Libres


Poesía visual y objetual en Theredoom Madrid

November 2014

Revista Artes y Cosas


Yolanda Relinque. El vacío que deja la vida, por Raquel Moraleja

Octubre 2015