Natural Stories Series
Exploring Shadows
libro de artista

The New Perception and the Blind View 2015 Lápiz y papel / Pencil and paper 21 x 29 cm

Nature Time and Human Time 2015 Lápiz y papel / Pencil and paper 21 x 29 cm

Fantasy in books 2015 Lápiz y papel / Pencil and paper 21 x 29 cm

The New Perception and the Blind View 2015 Lápiz y papel / Pencil and paper 21 x 29 cm


Illustrated album where different ideas and representations projected by a spotlight are developed, a handmade lamp, on graphite illustrations. Union between light, shadow and drawing. The album consists of illustrations that are completed by projections of light that passes through incisions made on the pages, following a particular drawing. The projected light image completes the meaning of the drawing, suggesting the need to make us aware of the importance of our non-tangible experience, on which our life depends to a large extent. The book offers the viewer / reader a journey through the lights and shadows, in which he is the architect of the relationship between the two, seeking to generate an experience of discovery. The inspiration of this work arises from the mental image of a child reading a book in the privacy of his room with only a light bulb, immersed in reading. An inner journey that the artist offers the reader capturing new realities that result from the union of light and stroke. It is about creating an adventure through light and shadow, which proposes a way to manage the fear of darkness that one has in childhood. Everywhere the human being can capture lights and shadows, let's see where we look at reality is composed of these elements, which form the basis of all visual language. The two images need each other. Each image shows a symbolic story through the reality and life of people. The union of these two forms of representation creates different points of view and ideas that merge into a single image. This book generates infinite ways, within what a book can offer, to express mental images just by turning the pages. Using the physical book as raw material for creative and cultural contemplation. In this new era the book is no longer the totem or king of information, now we can access almost any online, creating new species of devices. When manipulating the format of the book, the meaning is explored, one can contemplate the illustrated ideas about something deeper, about concepts that should not be obsolete. I have the objective of generating an experience of discovery, in which the intuitive in capturing images is of great importance. A book that is able to bring something new to the viewer, somehow I show in a deeper and more transcendental way my way of conceiving the world.