Currently in my research and artistic practice I work on the meaning, production and perception of images that represent "not visible realities", the result of fantasies, mental disorders or obsessions from our most primitive unconscious. I research and work on creation from the unconscious, the processes of the mind in relation to their memories, memories, hidden places and their influence on the creation of individual identity. Cartographies is part of a photographic project that addresses the idea of ​​skin as a border that delimits the outer and inner world, a natural barrier characteristic of our vulnerability. This intervened skin shows us both sides of the border, generating the external, and the internal. The external side is erected through defense mechanisms, a mask that creates distance from the real frontier that can hurt anyone who approaches. The interior, however, warm, shows how all these defense mechanisms are generated from the proliferation of threads with their nuclei, their wefts and tangles. A territory of duality that appears as a protective shell, and is also the organ of reception of all perceived stimuli. It surrounds us, protects us, separates us. A new conception that allows us to understand the body as something vulnerable, fragile, volatile, changing ... that enters into dialogue with the next piece Body, Disappearance surface. In this way, it is sought that multiplicity or fragmentation is not only assumed from the identity or subject, but from complex perspectives and different languages, using decomposed and border identities to compose a new ghostly landscape where the body and the world they can lose their "material reality", or at least, propose a new vision of it.