El reflejo de tu espejo

The conceptual aspects that are worked in the works have as fundamental axis the individual, with the intention of clearly describing the internal state of the people at present from a critical perspective, and articulating a language that allows to approach the territory where the word does not It can come. In the works there are individuals who grab and step on with the intention of ascending, do not care for others and fight to climb. In Scale of values, the creation of a tower with chaotic and unstable foundations works as a reflection of situations and behaviors where common goals have been discarded to focus totally on the I and its future. An idea enhanced by the lack or low value of the individual for the community, where it is preferable to access a chain of social guidelines from childhood to acquire social returns and enjoy a hedonistic life. In the same way, we are at a time where people are classified and subjected to controls as if they were machines or objects in which system failures can be found. Everything human can be systematized, establishing measures and percentages with respect to the human condition, where the obsession with the submission and maintenance of the I and the body reach unsuspected limits. And it is in the Mental Record, where the human figure is reflected as an object from which different views are obtained for a better study and understanding of something that has always been personal and subjective. Another characteristic characteristic of our time is the new narcissism, a concept which has evolved to reach something further than self-admiration. The neonarcisismo is the central idea of ​​the series Behind the mirror, with which it is tried to transcend the narcissistic sense to arrive at the innermost interior of the personal drama that exists at present. In it we find the search for identification with oneself, the intention of discovery or the deception to which we are subjected and to which we submit. The identity is reduced to show the expression of the ego in a paradoxical way, since that excessive valuation of oneself is based on the martyrdom promoted by agents external to the individual. Neonarcisism is accompanied by the suffering and the appeasement of that discomfort. The disturbing thing about this processing of identity and ego derives in the representation of this work with an implicit strangeness in them. They are enigmatic representations where, through the strangeness of the drawings, something uncomfortable and disturbing is conceived when perceiving a possible reflection of oneself in them.