El Espectador a las Puertas

Probably the most amazing thing about the creative process in art is that it never ends. At first the artist has an idea that develops and builds, in it he puts elements with which he wants to make his thesis understood to the public, but involuntarily the artist will include in his piece elements that reveal his personality; pieces of his being. This inclusion is completely involuntary and, in some cases, unwanted. On the other hand, together with these voluntary and involuntary elements of the artist, there is another element of interpretation present in every artistic piece, the spectator. The viewer, when accessing a work, undresses the artist, observes the piece and unravels its contents, not only the volunteers, but those that the artist exposes without wanting to. But he does not stop there, he adds his own interpretation of the piece, that is, he adds to the significant load of the piece the meaning that he himself gives, in this way the message of a piece never stops growing. As we said, the artist is, in some way, naked, in a position of vulnerability in front of the viewer, since he has turned his concerns, his ideas, his way of seeing the world and, even, himself, exposing himself to criticism and prejudice, knowing that in the end the viewer will appropriate his creation by adding his own intention, making the artist move to the background and tear into oblivion. An attack without barracks until destruction. While many texts address how the viewer must understand art, this work focuses on the perspective of the artist in the exhibition process, putting him as the protagonist of the piece, since in his eyes: he is the piece.