THEREDOOM began operation on year 2000 in the city of Barcelona, ​​in two different spaces, the first one located next to MACBA, and the second with an area of ​​1,000 square meters in the Olympic Village. Later, from 2006 in New York City, in collaboration with public and private  museums and main contemporary art spaces. Currently in 2014, opens its new space in Madrid, with the aim to follow in carrying out its activities, with a team fascinated by them, and in between the three cities.

As manager and cultural promoter, under an always multidisciplinary will, THEREDOOM has steadily developed projects related to contemporary arts; exhibitions, and international meetings of performance, lectures, book publishing and magazines, contemporary music concerts, etc., trying to integrate the wide field of possibilities within the subjective boundaries of art; betting  since its beginning, for work to submit a background of attitude and commitment to social reality, enhancing its rethinking and encouraging critical attitude of the viewer.


On 26 June 2014, THEREDOOM opens a new place in Madrid with the aim of presenting national and international artists. Regarding the former, both artists with a consolidated career and new proposals; and in respect of the latter, it is THEREDOOM will to present “seminal artists”; performing at the same time an  educational and pedagogical task, showing these great artists who, somehow, have traced artistic trends or have been an essential part in well-known art movements and disciplines.


Theredoom (TD) adheres to a dictum to present ground-breaking contemporary and historical video, media and interactive-performative art through original commissions and selected revisions. TD stands out among Madrid's arts organizations and milieu, due in part to its commitment cutting edge practices in the medium serving as a new venue where variegated audiences can learn and engage with new art expressions, serving as a 'transformer' for artistic parlance, on a national and international manner.