Boyer Tresaco - ¿Arte O Plagio?


Art or Plagiarism, facts and sayings, is the first volume that casts a holistic view on the extensive symbolic and discursive production of this important Spanish artist. This book is presented under the concept of two volumes in one. In the first part, the Cuban critic and essayist, author of several books on contemporary art and culture, Andrés Isaac Santana and the artist Boyer Tresaco, display an analysis about the maneuvers of the figure of plagiarism in the contemporary art scene, pointing towards the elements of power and authority that guarantee its operation. In the second, however, the authors Tamara Díaz Bringas, Oreste Hurtado, Suset Sánchez, Fernando Castro, Ernesto Castro, Miguel Cereceda and Thomas McEvilley, undertake a rigorous and lucid analysis by different areas of this artist's work, preceded by a drive interpretive frankly enviable.


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