This series consists of thirty small collages, doors and windows that enclose clouds inside. I find it curious how a door or a window can talk about people living inside the house, the type of neighborhood and the economy of the area. I photograph what I find a beauty and at the same time certain imperfections that make it different from other elements and make up its identity. This degree of imperfection that I value in the image, is a factor of naturalness and sometimes it could be said that of humanization. That is why I am so interested in a piece of wood abandoned in the countryside, as in a Madrid door where rain and graffiti have deformed the cold image of the industrial manufacture of its elements. What interests me in both cases is the factor that makes them unique and unrepeatable, which gives them an individual and unparalleled entity. One of the things that attracts my attention is how wear tells the story of objects. It is a way of seeing a truth that is not clear, all his life told through deterioration. I pick up that element as timeless as clouds can be, so impersonal and natural. For me they represent that inner world, in which are the ideas, thoughts, feelings, fears ... they all come to be a representation of the clouds. Through the collage technique, one of those two elements, one as artificial and tactile as a door that can be opened, revealing its interior, clouds that passed and I decided to photograph are represented in a static way. The Encerrados series is made up of 30 photocollages in which a facade and a sky join together creating a new meaning. Each person is different, they are like those portals that have been created, which reflect the passage of time. And they enclose a sky, a cloud a form some colors ... It is the representation of people, both personally and more universally, as each of these compositions is an individual, with a characteristic facade and a more fragile and intimate interior.

Presencias Invisibles

This series tries to show my most intimate side, when I surround myself with that nature that makes me feel more intense, enjoying my beloved land, Galicia. It consists of fifteen fifteen-second videos in loop of a still image, of a landscape, a moment in which the creeps are put. In these videos we only see the presence of the wind, of the animals that are in contact with the habitat, of the water, all natural products without the manipulation of man. They are static planes in which the only movement that reigns is the flow of nature itself. In the videos we see rocks, trees, wood, stones ... that have suffered wear and tear in which nature itself transforms and ages the elements, loading them for years behind them. That wind, those waves, that environment has also transformed me and made me older every time they touched my cheeks.