H Å K A N   D A H L S T R Ö M


Håkan Dahlström, born in Sweden (1952) has dedicated himself to art since his childhood in Málaga (Spain), spent some ten years there and studied at Picasso´s Art School. A lot of his youth he travelled with his family, both his parents were artists (writer Sture Dahlström and painter Anna-Stina Ehrenfeldt) and they lived in Paris, London as well as in several cities in the U.S. Back in Málaga, during his teens he lived in the mountains but also for stretches in the National Park Cabo de Gata in Almería (Spain). His understanding of Nature and Cosmos is vital, observing plants and animals that are present in his work since his beginnings. As a sculptor he uses classical materials like bronze, iron or wood, but also works with natural elements like grass or the sunlight as well as optical fibers, leds, crystals and mirrors. A lot of experimenting goes on, using reflecting sunrays and their effects, in some cases with what he calls “geared – down sunlight”.


He started out as a filmmaker when he found his father´s camera at the age of 14.The following years in California, (San Francisco) he lived and worked among other artists in the avant-garde circles and participated in the underground film movement. Back in Sweden he won prizes from Swedish Television. His work has been shown in cinemathéques and art centers in Scandinavia, Paris, London. Today he continues filming on video, using different media and also ways to achieve interaction between film, photography and 3-dimensional work . Living between Stockholm and Sanlucar la Mayor (Seville) - very close to the Guadiamar Mirror Park - has made it possible during the last few years to “work with the sun as a friend”.



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23 May - 23 July





Pinturas de David de la Rúa y vídeos de Håkan Dahlström en la Galería Theredoom, by Amalia García Rubí

May 2015