Óxido en Geometría

Antonio Camaño's work presented from the Oxide in Geometry project, takes its own geometry as a path of knowledge and representation of reality, following the trail of authors such as Palazuelo. This artistic project is based, therefore, on the cosmological character of the purest geometry, a timeless territory, which nevertheless acquires temporary qualities in the development of both the work and its thought and aesthetic reasoning. The material character influences in a decisive way. In the work, a worldview of geometry is deepened as the origin in all its extension and principle of everything we know, nature to which we intend to respond, sought in diverse algebraic methods, attempt to leverage to reveal the reality that underlies the inside the surface, an artifice of merely palpable reality, so that the unintelligible can be presented clearly. The objective of the author and his work is not merely aesthetic, but through this work he tries to shape a vision of our current society that helps to understand it and proposes ways to improve its dynamics. This claim was very present in the Pythagoreans, as well as in the constructivists, the Bauhaus, the Argentine AACI group or Oteiza himself.