Video and performance art were still in their infancy when, in 1968, artist and professor, Hans Breder established the Intermedia graduate program at the University of Iowa. Soon the university became a key site for some of the period's most vital artists and writers: such as Allan Kaprow, Scott Burton, Vito Acconci, John Hanhardt, Willoughby Sharp, Hans Haacke, Charles Ray, Robert Wilson, and Mary Beth Edelson. The opportunity to witness these original artists and the experimental, participatory nature of the program were highly influential for a younger generation of artists-among them, Ana Mendieta.


Breder directed the program Intermedia until 2000, subsequently exhibiting his work at film festivals and museums worldwide-most notably, the Whitney Biennial; MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, New York; and The Kitchen. Two solo exhibitions presented by Mitchell Algus Gallery in New York as well as two shows at Whitebox Art Center, one a survey 2009-10, the other a new media paint-projections with an interactive-communicative chapter part of PERFORMA13, the New York Biennale of Visual Performance Art, November 2013.


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Hans Breder: 1968-Presente

Includes photographs from Converge series, with Ana Mendieta as performer and model


24 January - 4 April 2015


Oficina de Ideas Libres


Theredoom, otra vez bien: Hans Breder

Feb 2015

Style Feel Free


Fusiones de Hans Breder en Theredoom

Jan 2015