drawings and mixed media


"Todo empezó así..."


Curator: Boyer Tresaco


Exp. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (NY)

Mao, the greatest murderer in history -guilty of more deaths than Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot together-, turned into a teddy bear, a little fat old man with friendly affable face painted with bright colors... This is the visual perception and in many cases also the emotional perception that new generations have of this individual:


"This is the power of Warhol."


Andy Warhol (1928-1987), dedicated his life to become a myth, by transforming into myth what was already a myth, no doubt with amazing success. Repeating ad infinitum, not to satiety, the faces of Marilyn, Jacqueline, Elvis, Deam, Mao, and a large and well-known cast, including objects.


Fantastic Warhol, surely the most reproduced artist in history, getting through an endless loop, achieve what had been achieved based on re-acheived it... again and again.


Before that, certainly he built its own foundations; he drew and painted unique pieces, works in which there were no repetition, lithographic, or engraved; and it is there specifically there, where we have focused in this exhibition; in these unique pieces.


"So it all started" brings together paintings and drawings from the fifties, with different techniques: ink, pencil, watercolor, gouache... Many of them exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery, Robert Miller, and Paul Kasmin, New York.


The exhibition also includes works that already guess and some manifest (80’s), this tendency towards repetition and the search for the myth that eventually will define the artist's career.

Boyer Tresaco